Sunday, 25 September 2011

Do with have a video?

Yes, we have a video!

I wasn't intending to work on any code this weekend but I felt compelled to try out the recognition server and run another set of tests but with the Logitech C900 in place. Results were an improvement on the PS3 eye, in part due to the better low light capabilities, in part due to the camera placement, and in part due to the wider angle.

Some anecdotal notes :

The recognition server provided seems to perform better that the unistroke implementation - I still need to sit down and do the numbers but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't significantly better.

I suspect recall for all but the most basic figures/shapes provided via the default unistroke implementation will be poor amongst users. On the flip side, most of us know the alphabet!

Big problem with the use of fiducials on the end of the fingers - they become obscured during natural hand movements! I ended up cupping the marker in my hand and squeezing it to cover it so the I had control of the markers visability. Keeping the fiducial visible requires holding the hand in a position that is simply not ergonomic.

After a few hours usage my wrist aches (but then I do suffer from PA).

I had the advantage of visual and audible feedback during this test - I suspect the performance will deteriorate with that removed. 

Another big problem is drawing letters that require multiple strokes - i, k, f, t, x, 4 etc all cause problems - have yet to test capitals.

obviously no support for correction or refinement - while this could be supported I cant see it being possible without visual feedback...hence reduces the impact of the system on improved situational awareness.

Ramifications - The original sixth sense system had very poor ergonomics as well as suffering from a range of technical issues. Choice of the unistroke recognition engine likely non-optimal (may be implementation dependent though), will need to revisit.

Where's the code then you ask? I may just throw stuff up over the next few days, but my god is it tatty but I'm not going to allow code shame to stop me. I'd like to have something which performs somewhat better than the current version in terms of the interaction support before I do so though.....

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