Friday, 14 October 2011

Drag Drop - a gesture design delema!

So I've run into an interesting interaction design problem. I've implemented some very basic list interface elements and initially supported the scrolling interaction via dwell regions. I'm unhappy with this for a number or reasons :

1) Dwell regions are not obvious to a user since there is no visual feedback to the user as to their presence. While I can provide feedback, there are times where I may choose not to do so (e.g. where the dwell region overlaps with the list).
2) Dwell regions when combined with other UI elements can hinder users interaction - e.g. if a user wishes to select an item that is within the dwell region and the dwell region initiates the scrolling behaviour causing the users selected item to move.
3) Interaction is very basic and I dont really want to implement any more support for these.

The obvious alternative to a dwell region though is drag and drop (or in the case of OS6Sense, pinch and unpinch) however since these are gestures, there's a possibility that the gestures will be interpreted as a command interaction.

But I want to be able to support pinch and unpinch...I think this is one that I will just have to try and see how it works out, but I think I have found a flaw in the interaction style.

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