Thursday, 28 July 2011

Prototype Hardware Rig

Its late here so I'm a brief post. As I've said, hardware wise there are a lot of options as to where to place the various components for a WGI and a few studies out there have looked at the various components in some depth (TODO refs). However an obvious constraint for this project is available resources (hardware, time, money etc) and when it comes to the act of physically assembling thing, and doing so quickly, for my first build it is almost a matter of just making the best out of things.

Hence I present the rigging for O6Sense FG v0.01 which has been inspired by observing the trend towards the wearing of large closed-cup headphones and the opportunities this opens in having a "socially acceptable" wearable prototype.

What is it? Its a pair of cheap headphones with the cups cut off and 2 Rode pop-shield mounts fitted into the rear wire loops. I cant help but feel some providence at work here since not only is the rear arm a snug fit the screw holes are the exact right size for the projector mount. Obviously this design will change. The weight of the projector being off center is no doubt going to be a huge hassle however I need to try the shoulder mounted position for this since a couple of studies have identified a number of advantages to the use of this location. If the camera is off center as well though this will balance things out (almost)..

Prototype (un-assembled):
Screws, tape & Dremel on tomorrows shopping list.

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