Saturday, 23 July 2011

Welcome to the Open Source Sixth Sense WGI Project!

Its been over two years since Pranav Mistry announced that his Sixth Sense project would be made open source. Since then we've heard little about this technology or the project and like many AR point technology research examples, this appears to have become abandonware.

So when it came around for me to pick a topic for my Masters thesis I couldn't help but think it would be a great opportunity to do a design and build project for a similar system, investigating the HCI aspects of this novel technology as the focus...and that's what I'm doing.

First though I need to build one and along the way I couldn't help but think 2 things :

1) This is also a good opportunity to build my first open source project so that, if other researchers want to explore this technology, an artefact exists allowing for rapid development of a research system.

2) There's also an opportunity to examine an interesting concept of "The Inventor as the User" as a UCD perspective on the development of novel technologies.

To briefly expand on the above then, it is my intention to expand this project with a forum, wiki and source code which will allow anyone to create a comparable WGI; I'll be keeping this blog updated with my progress and thoughts and I will be actively encouraging input on this work to expand and moderate my perspective so that I end up neither blinkered or missing the "obvious".

Please, wish me luck ;)

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