Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Another Quick Update

I've been very busy putting together a framework to support a number of small applications for implementation - the apps are intended to be nothing more than proof of concept and to explore some of the interaction issue e.g. are dwell regions a better option than selectable areas (we're in eye tracking territory now)?; can these be applied to navigation?; How do we implement a mobile projected UI (terra incognita I believe)?

The framework is largely event/message driven since it affords us with loose coupling and dynamic run-time binding for both messages and classes ~ if I wasn't farting around with abstraction of the services (useful in the longer become both sinks and producers of events) it would probably come in at < 200 lines of code...

The point being while I'm not supposed to be writing code at this stage I am and hope to have at least a video by the end of the weekend (yes a week late).

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