Thursday, 20 October 2011

So Wheres the Survey/Video?

I've had a very unexpected event happen in that my little one has come down with mumps (who has already mostly recovered from it) and its something I've never had or been immunised against, hence I've had to cancel the study I had organised for this weekend (it obviously would not be ethical for me to be in close contact with people while I might have a serious communicable illness...I just wish others would take a similar attitude when ill). And I may have to avoid contact with people for up-to 3 weeks since the contagious period is 5 days before developing symptoms and 9 days afterwards which rather puts the dampers on my plans for a user study...3 weeks from now I had planned to be writing up my analysis NOT still analysing my results. PANIC!

Hence, I've adapted my research plan - I'm going to be putting up a survey this weekend which I'll run for 3 weeks, run a limited (5 uesrs! lol) user study of the prototype just after that and have to base my results/discussion/conclusion on that. Hence video up tomorrow (promise) with survey up on Saturday/Sunday. Best laid plans and all that :)

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