Sunday, 16 October 2011

New Detector Done

Much better but I'm still not happy with it - camshift + backproj + kalman means that the marker coordinates are a lot smoother with far less noise (obviously) but the nature of detecting markers in segmented video still leads to a less than robust implementation. There's room for improvement and I still need to add in some form of input dialog for naming markers (and I must confess I am CLUELESS on the c++ side for that.....wxwidgets? Qt?) but I'm that little bit happier.

As per usual I had hoped for a video, but the lack of a dialog makes configuring things into a manual process (I've got basic save/load support working but given how sensitive this is to lighting still its a lot of messing around) hence I'm delaying yet again. Given my page views though I don't think I will be disappointing many people.

What is frustrating is the amount of time I've had to spend on basic work with computer vision rather than looking at the actual interactions for this technology. While I may NOT be the greatest coder ever, or even 1/2 as clever as I once thought I was (about 25 years ago), with the number of truly great coders and minds who have worked on computer vision I'm still somewhat disappointed that there's nothing really magnitudes more robust out there than what I'm doing. That said of course, if I was able to work with a kinect or similar tech I would expect something far more impressive but the 50cm limit for the depth sensing renders that point moot (by about 25cm). And I still think that some of the AI techniques could pay off dividends....and there are still a number of basic tricks I could apply (e.g. laplace to build a feature module for sift/surf/hmm detection of hands and finger pose detection - I cant help but think that would work really well) but I have to get away from the computer vision research sadly.

Anyways - I do think I'm at the last fence; video definitely over the next few days.

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