Saturday, 1 October 2011

VERY excited!

Back to the research today and today is the day where I had set myself the serious goal of knuckling down and rewriting my introduction and literature review because I am VERY unhappy with both. I'd finished up my study definition document for my exploratory study next week and was doing some research into social acceptability and gestures...when it hit me. Most of the research suggests that only discrete gestures are socially acceptable (thus sixthsense/minority report style interaction is unlikely to be accepted by users in many social situations) so I asked myself :

1) Why look at how users naturally perform the gestures? Good question....and to be honest, because I honestly don't KNOW what I will find out. I *think* I know, but theres a huge gulf there!
2) How do I make a discrete gesture based system?

and I had also been asking myself :

3) How do I expand the number of states that I can represent using my current implementation?

And it hit me like an express train.

If I'm designing an air-writing gesture based interaction, design a system that recognises users gestures as they would naturally write!

Most technical and interaction issues solved in one fell swoop! Hopefully demo with another video tomorrow!

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