Thursday, 20 October 2011


Well there's obviously going to be a flurry of interest in WGIs given the publishing of the Omnitouch paper. Brilliant stuff, anyone want to fund me to buy a PrimeSense camera? Seriously though, ToF cameras solve a lot of the computer vision problems I have been experiencing and I was very tempted to work with a Kinect , the problem being that the Kinects depth perception doesn't work below 50cm and that would have lead to an interaction style similar to Mistrys, one which I have discounted due to various ergonomic and social acceptance factors.

If I had access to this technology I would be VERY interested in applying it to the non-touch gestural interaction style I've been working on since I see the near term potential of the combined projection/WGI in enabling efficient micro-interactions (interactions which take less time to perform than it does to take a mobile phone from your pocket/bag).

Anyways, good stuff and its nice to see an implementation demonstrating some of the potential of the technology without the sing-and-dance that accompanied SixthSense.

(Harrison et al, 2011)

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